Chic Home Decor Ideas That Fit Any and Every Design Style

Chic Home Decor Ideas That Fit Any and Every Design Style

Your house is your home, and decoration adds that extra special touch that makes your space truly your own. No matter the size, scope and location of your house, a few stylish additions and adjustments here and there will transform your environment and create a home that you and your family love. There is a whole world of options out there when it comes to decorating your space, consider a few of our favourite styles to help you on your way to your dream family home…

Invest in a dining package

A timeless dining table set up immediately creates a welcoming and comfortable feel into your home – and you don’t need to spend hours curating the perfect combination of tables and chairs in order to do it. A dining package gives you a high-style, considered and functional home addition in an instant. This investment takes all the work out of putting together something truly seamless, making it highly worthwhile no matter where you’re planning on placing your dining room set up. Use a timeless dining table and chair set as the focal point in your dedicated dining space or style a cosy dining nook in the corner of your kitchen for a clever use of your space.

byron 1800 dining package with meeka chairs

Add a display cabinet 

A display cabinet is an elegant design piece that gives you both design and function in one hit. Not only is it a storage savvy solution to your must-haves, it is also a brilliant opportunity to put your family treasures on show! Tall and narrow with glass doors and drawers, this piece is a complete classic and perfect for stashing your essentials while also giving you the opportunity to place ceramics, art, photographs and books for you, your family and your guests to appreciate. Introduce a display cabinet to your family living room, kitchen, dining space or even hallway for a stylish touch that you will appreciate for many years to come.

coastal display cabinet

Bring a touch of texture 

Textural components can really transform any room of your home – and one of the best ways to do this is with a cosy rug. Rugs enhance your space in a subtle yet striking fashion, bringing a plush and stylish feel that can also trick the eye into thinking the room is bigger (if this is something you are wanting to achieve in a more compact room, then a rug is undoubtedly the way to do it!) Choose a neutral toned rug with an organically woven texture and understated colour contrasts for a chic and classic way to amp up your space. You can also introduce texture through the addition of throw pillows, blankets, earthy ceramics or a reflective mirror with a stunning frame.

oceanus cotton jute denim rug with shuttle weave

Play with patterns 

Pieces of furniture enhanced with an eye-catching pattern will bring a pop of personality to your kitchen or living space. Opt for a matching set of black and white breakfast bar stools with a woven texture to them to strike the perfect balance between statement and understated. The neutral colour palette of this choice means that it is going to blend seamlessly with any tonal scheme you already have in place, and they can harmonise with all designs from the eclectic and exciting to the minimal and magnetic. This is also a great way of making a design feature out of your breakfast bar or kitchen island, making mealtimes something you and your family can love even more! Enhance the pattern with subtle iterations around the room, such as a black and white rug, blanket or artwork.

paris breakfast stool with back black white set of 2

Make the most out of every corner 

Smart storage solutions are the key to getting all the style and function out of your home that you both want – and need! A hall table is the perfect way of creating a beautiful first impression for yourself, your family and guests alike. This small yet impactful accent gives a handy place to stash shoes, keys and other everyday essentials in compact drawers, making for an incredibly convenient addition to an area of your home that is often overlooked when it comes to interior design. You can find hall console tables in glass, wood, metal and even marble – but an organic timber piece painted in a cooling neutral such as white or cream is going to add to the room without visually overcrowding the typically slim structure of the hall. Plus, this is a completely timeless choice that you are sure to appreciate for countless years to come. What more could you need from your next interior investment?

shabby chic hall table

The finishing touches

Last but by no means least, never underestimate the power of a few flowers! Adding greenery, fresh and forever (also known as fabric) flowers is an easy and beautiful way of enhancing your space. Bring the outside in and watch every room of your family home bloom to life. Choose a collection of flowers and plants to amplify your family bedrooms, living room, kitchen, library, home office and even bathroom. They are a small yet mighty addition you will never get tired of.

delphinium white

Which of these chic home decor ideas will you use in your home? Start browsing pieces to bring that extra special touch to your space at 1825 Interiors today.

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