Caring For Glassware

Caring For Glassware

There’s nothing quite like the sparkle of glassware to give your home a lift.

Today’s glassware is not only attractive, it is also relatively inexpensive, so there’s no reason to keep it locked away in a cupboard. Although we all know that glass needs to be cleaned regularly in warm, soapy water to maintain its sparkle, I have put together some extra hints to help you keep your glassware in tip-top condition. Let the spring cleaning begin!

  1. Pollutants in the air tend to deposit a greasy film over glass so rotate your glassware regularly.
  2. Add some white vinegar to the rinse water to help reduce haziness.
  3. Store wine glasses with the bowl facing upwards as the rim is the weakest part of the product.
  4. Flower stems will chemically alter water, so to prevent permanent damage to glass vases replace the water daily.
  5. Glass is sensitive to changes in temperature so to avoid breakages don't immerse cold glasses in hot water.
  6. Metal draws heat away from glass. A handy trick to avoid cracking is to place a metal spoon in the glass before adding hot liquid.
  7. To separate two glasses which have become stuck together, simply fill the top glass with cool water and submerge the bottom glass in warm water. The cool water will make the top glass contract and the warm water will expand the bottom glass. You should be able to separate the two glasses after a few minutes.

Glassware makes a great gift for both men and women, especially when it’s personalised. So go ahead and pair a couple of wine glasses with a bottle of champagne, add a bunch of fresh flowers to a vase, and pop some homemade biscuits into a cookie jar!

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