Bed Styling Ideas: How To Style Your Bed Like A Pro

Bed Styling Ideas: How To Style Your Bed Like A Pro

At the risk of sounding cliche, a good night’s sleep starts the moment you wake up. And although 1825 Interiors is no sleep clinic, we know that a comfortable bed certainly softens the transition from the world of the awake to dreamland. Boasting beds in varying sizes and materials, the 1825 catalogue has you (doona) covered with not only your ultimate sleeping station but also our best bed-styling ideas. So, what are you waiting for? Feast your eyes on these many-layered slices of heaven and see which bed styles suit your bedroom best.


At 1825 Interiors, we don’t do things by halves. In fact, our current selection is fit for no one less than a queen. Whether you sleep alone or with someone special, you can’t ever go wrong with a queen bed. They have room enough for two—or for a stomach sleeper who loves to sprawl! Traditionalists may like our Tuscan Queen Bed Frame:

Image: 1825 Interiors

Meanwhile, those who like it upholstered and a little bit fancy, 19th-century-style, may prefer our Marbella Queen Bed Frame:

Image: 1825 Interiors

Finally, for those who like an all-in-one approach, our Elsie Queen Bed Frame With Storage Drawer may be just the ticket:

Image: 1825 Interiors

If the queen size isn’t doing it for you—or if you wanted extra sleeping space—we also have beds on the more ‘kingly’ side. Exhibit A: a king-sized variant of our Marbella bed frame:

Image: 1825 Interiors

Or, Exhibit B: an alternative, king-sized take on our Tuscan bedframe:

Image: 1825 Interiors


Why do we say that our Tuscan bedframes are for the traditionalists whilst fans of the Marbella and Elsie models like things a little bit fancy? Despite our Marbella bedframes’ grounding in the 19th century, we say ‘traditionalists’ to allude to lovers of the classic or even utilitarian bedframe. Our Tuscan design is meticulously deliberate, and yet it looks effortlessly simple. That’s because we use reclaimed pine shipping pallets to build our wooden furniture from the ground up. Not only is this a sustainable choice, but it lends character to each individual piece.

For those who like a bed base as soft as their bedding, we upholster our Marbella models in grey linen. Meanwhile, our Elsie model is polyester in beige upholstered upon a frame of MDF, timber, and plywood (and standing upon black legs of plastic).


And now to the fun bit: bed styling ideas! For all five of our beds, we’ve played with different bedclothes and varying pillow arrangements. However, everything seems to come back to oceanic blues, botanical greens, and ever-reliable neutrals. So let’s open this study of bed styles with the caveat that we won’t deviate much beyond Hamptons styles, nature-based inspiration, or more muted shades.


Image: 1825 Interiors

Let’s kick off with something simple. Atop our Tuscan Queen Bed Frame, we have assembled an understated Hamptons-style arrangement. Much like the frame itself, its statement lies in the subtle detailing rather than in flashy colours. See how the quilt is white and framed in neutrals in a way that mimics the whitewashed, tan-tipped frame? The first layer of pillows follows suit.

If you’re a fan of neutrals, you could dress the bed like this and call it a day. In fact, you could dress any bed in colours that match or reference its frame. However, if you want to add a special accented splash, you could add some pillows or cushions in a complementary colour. In this case, we’ve chosen royal blue botanicals and fish scale print to give this display some whimsical Hamptons flavour. However, you could contrast neutral bedclothes with any accent colour you want.

If you’re assembling bedclothes in a not-so-neutral colour, your accent colour should fall opposite on the colour wheel. If you wish to blend your layered pillows, then choose shades from the same colour gradient. This will make your bed look many-layered in more ways than one—perhaps as deep as delta sleep.

Image: 1825 Interiors

If you like your blue spread heavily rather than dolloped, why not put on a full blue spread? This slice of white-bread bedframe looks true blue in its baby blue bedspread. This bluer shade of pale somehow pales against the whitewashed bedframe—and we blame the tan tips. How can this oceanic combination of blue on white still maintain a more understated status than our previous neutral-loving display? As colourful as this setup may be, it goes easy on the bold colouring—which is what gives the previous display its voice.

If you want an understated yet colourful setup like this, then choose a quilt or doona cover in a single muted colour. Then, to create visual interest, pile your pillows and cushions in three or four layers. Here’s our creative tip: with each layer of your miniature pillow fort, transition the colours or patterns further away from the solid colour of your bedspread. As you can see, we began with a similarly-coloured pillow, transitioned to a blue-on-white print, and then finished with some more adventurous patterns. Layering is a fantastic way to get creative whilst remaining faithful to the theme.


Image: 1825 Interiors

Is Elsie looking boho or a little botanical? Seeing as the two can overlap, can’t she be both? What makes this bed for us is the transition from its upholstered beige grounding to its olive green dressing. It ventures far across a single colour gradient in about three steps.

Because this colour scheme is quite muted, Elsie finds her voice here in texture as well as colour. Note how the tasselled, bohemian-inspired throw matches the detailing on the forwardmost cushion? Shadowed with our Monstera Grove Linen Cushion, this display cements its boho-botanical vibe with deep green scenes from nature. This pillow arrangement is a rare example of darker colours performing an auxiliary role to the textured main event.

If you want to go green with a touch of boho, ensure you’re working from an earthy (if not neutral) colour palette. Think about what could sprout from the grounding you’re working with—i.e. consider the colour gradient. Don’t mix natural colours with clashy, flashy hues. Finally, for a boho finishing touch, add a tasselled throw or cushion. For more subdued arrangements, consider the layers you could unlock using texture alone.


Image: 1825 Interiors

If there’s been any theme throughout this blog post, it’s been the power of piling pillows. We think our Marbella Queen Bed Frame gives the most satisfying example. See how its pillows and cushions shadow each other to match each corresponding outline. See how the polka dot and charcoal grey prints alternate in coherent harmony. See how the front pillow ties the two patterns together in a linear, charcoal print that somehow channels both. And this pillow display springs forth from a sturdy, navy blue foundation of pillows and doona.

We’ve rounded off this display with our matching Marbella Storage Bench. Also upholstered in grey linen, this plush box is a nifty storage solution, ottoman, and seat all in one. A portable alternative to a linen cupboard, a storage bench (aka a blanket box) is great for when you want to keep some blankets handy on those chilly winter nights. They also look great at the foot of the bed! If you’re interested in one of our blanket boxes, you can browse our range here.

Image: 1825 Interiors


By now, you’ve likely got the creative juices flowing. Are your favourite types of beds fit for a king or a queen? Are you a fan of our reclaimed pine shipping pallets or do you prefer a softer sleeping station upholstered in your favourite fabric? Whatever your base, let it inspire your bed styling ideas. Maybe you want to keep it simple and neutral. Maybe you want to make it pop with an accent colour or a dash of Hamptons-inspired design. Or maybe you want to use colour theming or texture to your advantage. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to layer your blankets or your pillows. Not only will this add style and flair, but it will be super comfortable.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our bedroom furniture collection and see what inspires you. 1825 Interiors is the place where comfort and style go hand in hand. Here’s to the most aesthetic sleep of your life!

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