A Modern Take On Country Style Decorating

A Modern Take On Country Style Decorating

Country style decorating is cosy and casual. It’s a look that never goes out of fashion because it sits outside of fashion.

In this blog we’ll discuss how to achieve a timeless country style look for your home.


Solid timber furniture, especially reclaimed timber, adds the authenticity and cosiness country style interiors are so well known for. Mix and match warm honey tones with ivory for a fresh appeal or maintain the same tone throughout for a homespun look.


Timeless pieces can include timber dining tables with straight or turned legs, a buffet & hutch, and breakfast stools for the kitchen.

In the living room, combine a solid timber coffee table, display cabinet and TV unit, and choose a reclaimed, solid pine desk for the study nook.

Or, make a bedroom feel homier by choosing a fabric bedframe and timber bedsides with vintage handles.



White and cream tones never go out of fashion. So, if you’re after longevity, start with a neutral backdrop. That doesn't mean you have to forget about colour—if you love pastel tones, for example, try blending soft aqua, blue and yellow into the scheme, with curtains, rugs, cushions and accessories.

Patterns also tend to define the colour scheme of a country style home, so try juxtaposing stripes, checks, spots and florals in similar hues for a farmhouse effect.



You’ll never tire of your own unique style, and accessorising with a country flavour lets you characterise your space while enhancing your country furniture. The odd vintage piece you've thrifted or inherited will definitely help set the mood. Old glassware, enamel jugs and bowls, bottles, crockery and handmade items also complement the timeless feel. Meanwhile, vases of fresh flowers or dried sprigs in baskets add colour, and floor and table lamps provide soft lighting that fits with the relaxed nature of country style decorating.

Finally, consider adding family photos in mismatched frames on walls, buffets or sofa tables to personalise your home.



In the past, country style decorating has had a reputation for being cluttered. However, the modern take on it is to maintain a spacious feel. Open-plan living is a practical way for busy families to make the most of their home, so keep room separation to a minimum, don’t overcrowd furniture, and resist the urge to cover every surface with accessories.

Lastly, don't be afraid to inject a splash of modern chic via state of the art kitchen appliances, lighting, timber framed mirrors or artwork. That way, your country style design will still be trending well into the future!

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