5 Unusual Ways To Use A Console Table

5 Unusual Ways To Use A Console Table

Whether you live in an apartment or you just admire the console table for its versatility, more of us are learning to appreciate this humble piece of furniture. It’s a great investment piece, given it will normally last for ages and will be suitable whether you downsize, upsize, or see yourself donating it to charity in a few years.

Most of us have seen these tables in hallways, against sofas, or adding a touch of storage space to living areas. But how else might you use this table? Here are five unusual ideas:



Whether it’s for a personal bathroom or it’s for a wash area in a commercial space, a console table can be a great base piece for a bathroom vanity.* Leaning it against a wall and resting a generously proportioned marble basin atop it will add charm to any bathroom or similar space.

For this use, be sure to choose console tables which are simple, spacious, and above all, sturdy. Look out for triangular bracing, and consider choosing one with shelves to fill with décor or bathroom cosmetics.


*BUYER BEWARE: If you make structural changes to your console table, it may render your warranty void. In any case you should talk to your vendor about how you intend to use the console table.



While a dressing table sets are declining in popularity (except perhaps in girls’ bedroom furniture), the console table is only becoming more widespread. If you want to increase the versatility of your console table, just pair it with a mirror, comfy chair, good lighting, and voilà—you have a dressing table set!

Pro tip: tiered console tables are especially suitable for use as make-up tables. They can be hard to find, so grab one when you see it!



If you’ve ever lived in a small space, you’ll be able to understand how difficult it can be to find a buffet that’s appropriate for your dining area without being reduced to basically nothing. Here’s where the console table comes in—this compact little furniture critter will help give you storage space for the dining room, without the heaviness or commitment of a proper buffet. (Extra points if you buy reclaimed timber!)



In recent months we've amazed to hear how customers have been using their console tables as TV units. If you're the sort of person who watches TV while all sorts of activities (on the sofa, doing the ironing, cooking dinner, etc.) then the extra height of the console table will only add to your viewing pleasure.

Pro tip: make sure you choose a console table appropriately sized for your TV. If you've only got a small- to medium-sized screen, you'll only want a relatively small console table underneath it.



Furniture is utterly personal, and usually it’s a no-go zone as far as gifts are concerned. But if you know someone’s tastes, then a console table is a unique and relatively inexpensive gift for any occasion—just make sure it works in with their space and décor! As you now know, the console table is so versatile that most people will be able to find a use for it if received as a gift. This makes it a safe option for anyone looking to please a loved one with something different for their next occasion.


Happy (console table) shopping!

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