5 Tips For Styling Rattan Furniture In Your Family Home

5 Tips For Styling Rattan Furniture In Your Family Home

We’ve been loving the rattan trend since its welcomed revival on the interior design scene over a year ago. But why is it so popular?

In 2021, texture and natural materials have proven to be two of the most popular and enduring themes for people redecorating their homes both in Australia and all over the world. Rattan (as well as wicker and other woven natural fibres) tick both these boxes beautifully, in addition to being lightweight, affordable, and versatile – all at the same time!

That being said, there is certainly an art to incorporating this fabulous material into your space in a way that will make houseguests wish they had your eye for balance, texture, and style -- rather than feeling as if they've stepped into a '70s time capsule (and not a flattering one at that).  So, without further ado, here are our five best tips that'll have you expertly styling your new, on-trend rattan pieces in your home with ease.


It's cool.  It's coastal.  Suggestive of clean slates and fresh starts. 

If you ask us, white painted rattan furniture is perfect for those wanting to create a classic beachy look.  However, it is also ideal for those of us who love rattan but are allergic to all things '70s -- a whitewash brings this material firmly into the 21st Century.



When styling your home, it can be easy to get so caught up with your colour palette that you completely forget to pay attention to texture.  (Oops.) 

Nobody wants textural monotone.  It's the visual equivalent of someone reading aloud a five-page shopping list.  The solution?  It's as easy as adding more texture!  For example, use a rattan accent piece (like a coffee table or even a dog bed) to create interest and intrigue in a space that is otherwise smooth, plain or repetitive (especially in terms of materials).



Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE all things rattan.  In fact, we may even shed a tear when this trend eventually fades.

However, it must be said that filling an entire room with rattan furniture (think rattan sofas AND rattan coffee tables AND rattan side tables AND rattan pendants) is . . . well, it’s a lot.

Rattan has been around for centuries so it has well and truly earned the label “timeless” as far as the world of design is concerned. That being said, because of its construction, it creates so much visual intrigue that you’ll likely find it works best in the form of statement pieces dotted around your home rather than entire collections styled in the same room.

Sometimes less is more.



If you’re guilty of going a little heavy on the cool-tones (think grey, blue, white, black) as far as your home’s colour palette is concerned, some natural rattan here and there may be just the thing you need to warm up your space and make it feel “right”.




Rattan furniture is only for coastal or country looks, right? WRONG.

Because it so naturally lends itself as a statement piece, rattan goes with pretty much anything. Even in homes that are mostly very modern, you’ll find that the right rattan piece can be exactly the finishing touch you need to elevate the look of your space to a whole new level. So, consider this permission to get creative!


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