4 Rental Decorating Tips For Every New Lease

4 Rental Decorating Tips For Every New Lease

If you’re renting or soon to be renting, decorating your home can seem hard. It seems that whenever you’re excited to get anything, this thought suddenly comes to the front of your mind to spoil the fun: “Will I be able to take this with me to my next lease? Or am I just wasting my money?”

But never fear! In this blog, we gather four of our favourite renters’ tips to help you same time, money, and anxiety when decorating your home.



Opt for nature’s ‘cross-over’ colours. Home Textiles Today helpfully gives us the Pantone codes for these colours (which you can enter here):

  • Sky Blue 14-4318
  • Faded Denim 17-4021
  • Navy Blue 19-3832
  • Teal 17-4919
  • Pineneedle 19-5920
  • Seagrass 16-6008
  • Pale Khaki 15-1216
  • Bleached Sand 13-1008
  • Light Taupe 16-1210
  • Sunlight 13-0822
  • True Red 19-1664
  • Beaujolais 18-2027
  • Eggplant 19-2311
  • Dark Earth 19-1020
  • Cappuccino 19-1220
  • Neutral Gray 17-4402
  • Charcoal Gray 18-0601
  • Jet Black 19-0303
  • Bright White 11-0601
  • Pearled Ivory 11-0907

As you can see, you don’t have to limit yourself to greys and beiges. You can experiment with interesting cross-over colours like teal and beaujolais while still being confident you can take them with you wherever you go.



If you can choose furniture that does multiple jobs, that’ll save you a lot of trouble down the line. Sofa beds are a favourite among renters looking for space-efficient ways to host guests. Or, consider a lavish day bed!



Don’t pick a table that’s too big. Rather than going for a big, rectangular table, for example, try picking an extension table. It's a similar story forh round and square tables—not all houses will be able to fit the larger ones, but smaller ones around 1100mm will be fine in most places.



While maximalism can be tempting—especially when you’ve just moved out of home and feeling like "finding yourself" through home décor—avoid the urge! Keep your homewares small, useful, themed, and organised.

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