4 Man Cave Must-Haves For Father's Day

4 Man Cave Must-Haves For Father's Day


I would know, I am one!

Between birthdays, Father’s Day and Christmas, I find myself clueless about what to buy for my family and my mates at least half a dozen times per year. There are only some many times you can shout them a drink or buy them the usual man-things (cufflinks, ties, a round of golf, and so on). So what does one buy one's male friends?

[Enter: The Man Cave.]

Man caves are simply places for men to be themselvesbe they be workshops, video game hubs, or pamper parlours private spaces to trim mainly nails and pluck manly body hairs. Unfortunately, there are plenty of men who don't care about how their space is furnished and decorated beyond the basics.

That's where you come in! By offering gifts that will help the recipient keep his space clutter-free while feeling utterly masculine (which is very important, of course), you're sure to earn some brownie points. So here are my top four man cave must-haves, just in time for Father’s Day...



Think stone, timber, and metal—anything which feels earthy and grounding. As a general guide, raw and stained timber is generally a safer choice than painted pieces. Glass can work, too, providing you avoid overly curvy shapes and lines. And if you get him any glassware, make sure it’s not too thin—it might not be able to withstand his “iron grip”!



There aren’t too men who haven’t at least thought about having their very own private bar at some point in their lives. Man caves, being usually kid-free zones, can be ideal for such a set-up. Just think: you'll be able to enjoy watching your friend/husband/relative screw up perfect your favourite cocktail time and again!

Half bar tables are particularly good for smaller man caves, where space is an issue. Plus, the stools can be neatly and easily stored underneath the table when not in use.



I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that most men couldn't care less about having a decorative ceramic jug on their coffee table. They do, however, appreciate a fine chair or one-seater sofa! It's one of the more expensive man gifts, but one that may keep you in his good books for many years to come.

Pro-tip: always road test any sofa or fabric chair you’re considering for a man cave, to ensure that it is as comfortable as possible. Personally, I find it hard to beat our custom-made day bed.



Okay, so “courageous” might be pushing it, but coasters aren’t as granny these days as they used to beespecially if you give them another name, like "beer mats". Besides, he’ll need some manly coasters to protect his manly side table as he sits in his manly fabric chair drinking his manly beer in a manly fashion. Right? I thought so.

So for those of you who are total home-bodies and interior decorating fanatics, or even just looking for something different to give, man cave gifts are perfect—and fun for the shopper, too. It’s certainly better than another necktie he's never going to wear.


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