3 Pieces Needed In Every Sun Room

3 Pieces Needed In Every Sun Room

Sun rooms—also known as conservatories—are spaces in houses which embody the idea of bringing the outdoors in. Often featuring at least one glass wall and no shortage of indoor plants, sun rooms are the perfect places for you to relax without any undesirable exposure to the elements (especially in the Australian summers—which aren’t set to get cooler anytime soon!).

But, as with any room in your home, the furniture and homewares can make or break the space. To ensure you don’t set out on the wrong foot, here are our top three pieces needed in every sun room.


It goes without saying that the day bed is among the comfiest and most luxurious of all pieces of furniture. And if the day bed is built for any room, it’s the sun room. A perfect centrepiece, the day bed lets you (and your partner and/or pets) feel nice and cosy, whether it’s to enjoy the sunrise or for a lazy Sunday afternoon zizz. (And trust me, you’ll fall asleep pretty quickly in this thing…)


Arguably the most important thing in a sun room—other than some sunshine, of course—is a healthy variety of indoor plants. Plants will instantly boost your mood, creativity, and (if you do work in your sun room) productivity. We recommend that you add more and more plants to your sun room until it’s at the stage just before looking like it’s the day of the triffids. This’ll not only be easier on your budget, but it’ll help you figure out what works for your sun room and what doesn’t. And always remember: all “full shade” plants still like a bit of sun every now and then, and all “indoor” plants like holidays outside at least once a month.

For those of you whose thumbs are decidedly not green, never fear: you can always substitute some, perhaps even many of the indoor plants in your sun room for high-quality, ever-lasting alternatives. Artificial flowers, fruit, and foliage have really improved in quality over the decades, and these days most visitors will scarcely notice the difference between real and artificial succulents unless they’re really paying attention. (But we always recommend having at least one medium or large indoor plant in your sun room, simply for the benefit of the cleaner air.)


Folding and leaning shelves have got to be some of the niftiest storage solutions out there. They offer plenty of storage space without the heaviness (physically and aesthetically) of other pieces of display furniture, and with folding shelves you can simply pack them up and re-locate them when needed. With an emphasis on maintaining the feeling of spaciousness without compromising your need for storage, folding and leaning shelves definitely should feature somewhere in your sun room—even if buying one is just an excuse to go to the nursery again…

Happy sun-bathing!

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