3 Mistakes To Avoid When Accessorising Your Home

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Accessorising Your Home

Updating your home’s look with new accessories and a fresh colour scheme can be overwhelming—even downright scary! Fortunately we have everything you need to turn it all around. Here are the three biggest mistakes we see people make when accessorising their homes (and how to fix them!):


If you struggle to keep even the hardiest indoor plants alive, perhaps it’s time to consider alternatives. Besides, the shrivelled, brown, tangled mess that was once a beautiful, sculptural fiddle leaf fig is certainly not going to get your family home on to an episode of Grand Designs Australia any time soon! Instead, add a flourish of greenery to the rooms of your home with high-quality artificial plants and flowers. Not only is it completely impossible for you to neglect them into an early grave, they’ll bring colour and life to every space they occupy all year long—without an ounce of effort required on your part!

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What’s wrong with family photos? Absolutely nothing. The thing is, the human brain is designed to notice faces. So there's a chance that in a room filled with photos of happy, smiling kids and relatives, your guests and you are a likely to feel a little overstimulated without quite knowing why. It’ll be hard for anyone to fully relax.

So, why not mix it up a little? Choose your top favourite photos to display and keep the rest safely tucked away in a photo album. You could also try upgrading some of your kids’ best drawings (or finger-paintings) from the fridge to a photo frame. Not only is this a unique way to create points of interest throughout your home, but you’ll also get to watch your children beam with pride when they see you’ve put their latest artwork on display for all to see.


Clutter is the number one worst enemy of amateur and professional home decorators alike. Plus, there’s a lot of scientific evidence linking clutter in our physical environments to a cluttered mental state. In some cases, this shows up as depression or anxiety.

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We recommend you take a leaf out of the books of modern-day minimalists and only keep the knick-knacks and decorative pieces that you genuinely love and which truly make you happy. Be brutal! Then, you will finally have the space to arrange all your favourite items in stylish, artistic ways that express your personality and celebrate your interests.

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