1825 Is Giving Back These Holidays

1825 Is Giving Back These Holidays

While many of us are preparing to celebrate the holiday season in the company of our loving friends and family, not all of us can enjoy this luxury. At 1825 interiors, we are acutely aware that more than half of women across the country who seek the safety of crisis shelters are turned away every night, mostly because these shelters cannot cope with demand. As anyone who has experienced homelessness or family violence can relate, it is hard to have a happy holiday in the face of insecurity and crushed self-esteem.



As a family-owned company specialising in furnishings for the family home, we at 1825 feel uniquely compelled to help vulnerable women and children whose family lives are in distress.

This is why, after extensive research, we have chosen to support Women’s Community Shelters, a non-profit organisation that provides crisis accommodation to women and children trying to escape homelessness and family violence in the New South Wales community. 1825 has just donated over $15,000 worth of furniture and homewares to this incredible organisation, enabling them to furnish the upcoming Haven Nepean Women’s Shelter in Penrith and refit their office in Redfern.

Women’s Community Shelters has successfully opened three crisis shelters in as many years. Backed by the community spirit of individuals and organisations like ours, it can confidently plan to open shelters in at least six more communities. We feel honoured to join Women’s Community Shelters in their journey towards a more just society.



The easiest way for you to help us make these holidays happier for some of our most vulnerable community members is by purchasing one or more of our $2 charity tote bags, In addition to these bags being robust companions to your grocery shopping for many years to come, every cent from every sale will be donated to Women’s Community Shelters.

Additionally, we encourage you to donate directly to this worthy cause. If your donation exceeds $2, it is tax deductible.

From all of us at 1825 interiors, we wish you a happy holiday, and hope you will join us in helping others have one too.

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