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Occasional Chairs

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  1. Barcelona Chair In Stock
    Barcelona Chair
    Special Price $445.00 Regular Price $495.00
  2. Retro Chair In Stock
    Retro Chair
    $449.00 Privilege Club Member: $404.10
  3. West Hamptons Chair In Stock
    West Hamptons Chair
    $459.00 Privilege Club Member: $413.10
  4. Mandy Chair In Stock
    Mandy Chair
    Special Price $459.00 Regular Price $549.00
  5. Bellport Chair In Stock
    Bellport Chair
    Special Price $485.00 Regular Price $549.00
  6. New Glenmore Chair In Stock
    New Glenmore Chair
    Special Price $489.00 Regular Price $550.00
  7. Lannister Wingback Chair In Stock
    Lannister Wingback Chair
    Special Price $489.00 Regular Price $549.00
  8. Bianca Chair In Stock
    Bianca Chair
    Special Price $499.00 Regular Price $579.00
  9. Woollahra Chair In Stock
    Woollahra Chair
    $549.00 Privilege Club Member: $494.10
  10. CLEARANCE Sheffield Wingback Chair Aubergine | High Supportive Sheffield Wingback Chair Aubergine | Stylish Sheffield Wingback Chair Aubergine | Sheffield Wingback Chair Aubergine For a Quiet Reading Corner | Feel Great with Sheffield Wingback Chair Aubergine In Stock
    Sheffield Wingback Chair Aubergine
    Special Price $559.00 Regular Price $699.00
  11. Messina Chair In Stock
    Messina Chair
    Special Price $569.00 Regular Price $649.00
  12. Churchill Wing Chair | Churchill Wing Chair for Formal Lounge Room | Churchill Wing Chair for Living Room In Stock
    Churchill Wingback Chair
    Special Price $569.00 Regular Price $649.00
  13. Peacock Chair with Cushion In Stock
    Peacock Chair with Cushion
    Special Price $589.00 Regular Price $659.00
  14. Winterfell Chair In Stock
    Winterfell Chair
    $598.00 Privilege Club Member: $538.20
  15. Molly Chair In Stock
    Molly Chair
    $649.00 Privilege Club Member: $584.10
  16. Husk Chair In Stock
    Husk Chair
    $689.00 Privilege Club Member: $620.10
  17. CLEARANCE Maddison Wingback Chair | Maddison Wingback Chair with Classic Design | Maddison Wingback Chair For In Stock
    Maddison Wingback Chair
    Special Price $698.00 Regular Price $798.00
  18. South Carolina Rattan 4 Piece Set
    South Carolina Rattan 4 Piece Set
    Special Price $745.00 Regular Price $856.00
  19. Bahama 3 Piece Set
    Bahama 3 Piece Set
    Special Price $829.00 Regular Price $957.00
  20. Caxton Chair In Stock
    Caxton Chair
    $899.00 Privilege Club Member: $809.10
  21. Caxton Chair & Ottoman
    Caxton Chair & Ottoman
    Special Price $999.00 Regular Price $1,174.00
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Items 33-58 of 58

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Made from high-quality materials in an impressive selection of designs, our entire occasional chair collection is exclusive to 1825 interiors. From classic to contemporary, patterned or plain, colourful or neutral, our carefully curated range of chairs is the envy of our competitors. Plus, because every chair has been personally road-tested by us, you can rest assured that your new fabric chair will not only look great, it will feel great too.

When considering which style of occasional chair will work best for your family home, pay attention first and foremost to where you plan on positioning the chair. Fabric chairs lend themselves to a variety of purposes. For instance, they can be used in the bedroom or entranceway as a place to sit and tie your shoes without messing up the bed. They can also add bucket loads of character and flair to a lounge room, or in the home office as a place to read, flip through documents or ponder your next big idea!

Once you’ve figured out where your occasional chair’s new home will be, think about how it’s likely to be used. For example, if it’s intended to be an accent piece, choose something with an interesting shape (like a wingback chair) or upholstered in an eye-catching fabric that both makes a statement and lends itself to the look and feel of the room. If you intend for those who sit in your new occasional chair to relax and unwind, choose a piece with plenty of padding and a cupped or cushioned back to help them enter a world of comfort. However, if you need those who use the chair to remain awake and alert (e.g. in the home office) or ready to engage in conversation, look for a classic chair with armrests and a straight back that encourages good posture and seat padding that doesn’t cause you to sink into it too much.

Fabric protection is available for peace of mind.

At 1825 interiors, we specialise in furnishings for the family home. To see, feel and personally test out our incredible range of quality fabric chairs, be sure to visit us in store. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you pick the perfect fabric chair for your family home.