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Whether you’re in a creative rut, find it hard to figure out what goes with what, or just don’t care to think too much about interior design, sometimes you just need some inspiration. That’s when our mood boards come in!

Mood boards have been used by designers of all stripes for many generations. Essentially, they’re collages of images, ideas, patterns, and so on, which we create to help us (and our clients) understand how things might go together. If you’ve ever spent time trying different outfits in front of the mirror to see what “feels” right for an occasion, you’ve essentially used a mood board to help you make a stylistic decision.

There are many different types of mood boards to help you explore new creative possibilities. Mood boards can be used to arrange furniture and homewares based on furniture styles, budget, colour palettes, new season styles, textures, and pretty much any other theme you can think of.

The great thing about mood boards is they’re useful for you regardless of what stage of life you find yourself in, whether you’re looking for ideas to furnish your first house or you’re looking for ways to bring new life to an already decorated home. You can save your favourite mood boards and use them to do more research online, or you can bring them in-store to see whether your ideas really work in the flesh.

The mood boards we’ve created for you here are just a sample of practically infinite decorating possibilities. Whether you’re set on a particular mood or you still find yourself wanting, we encourage you to talk to our friendly staff in your local store to help you nut out your ideas. With a passion for interior design tempered by their grounding in the realities of furnishing and decorating a home, you’ll find no-one better to help you feel inspired to create the perfect home for your family and you.


Modern & Minimalist

Staying organised while working from home is vital. There's a storage solution for everything - just make sure you utilise it! 

Fancy That

Wish your home was a little bit fancy? Try a French Provincial style chair paired with ornate yet understated accessories in white, beige and gold.

Freshen Up

Radiating peace, calm and tranquility, aqua is a go-to colour for almost any home design.  Pair it with neutrals for a fresh, timeless look.

Shades of Grey (and Gold)

Cold? Bland? Dreary?  No way!  Grey is here to stay. Keep it looking modern with an on-trend accent colour like gold - and utilise a range of interesting textures. 

Chenille Revival

Incredibly soft, fuzzy, durable and desirable, chenille has been a go-to fabric choice for home decorators for almost 200 years.

French Country Charm

French Country style is simultaneously affordable, elegant and comfortable. Don't be afraid to mix and match when recreating this look.

Restful & Reassuring

If you crave peace and tranquility when you arrive home then this classic colour scheme, incorporating neutrals and blues, is definitely for you.

Australian Botanicals

If you love Australian botanicals, start your room makeover with a to-die-for printed fabric and then let the rest evolve from there. 

As You Like It

Not sure where to start with a whole room makeover? Think small first. Start with a gorgeous patterened fabric and let the rest evolve from there.

Hello Hamptons!

Not only is this look timeless and effortlessly elegant, it's also surprisingly budget-friendly to recreate in your family home.

Workspace Winners

Bring the serenity of the great outdoors into your home office with muted botanicals, earthy tones and rustic reclaimed timber pieces.

On the Dark Side

Dark furniture doesn't have to equal a dark room. Balance the darker pieces with some lighter ones - and warm-toned accessories - for year-round cosiness.

Be Bold

Styling an entry doesn't have to be boring. Welcome your guests with a glimpse of your personality: intriguing colours and textures that create interest.

Warm & Cool

Provide a feeling of balance in a room by mixing warm and cool colours - but keep a careful eye on proportions.

A Serene Study Space

We all work better if we are well-organised but we all feel better if our study space is aesthetically pleasing.

Keep Calm & Cassowary On

Create a cosy nook for some well-deserved 'me time' with a deliciously comfortable chair and some colourful prints.

Pair it with a Pastel

If you love neutrals but want to lift them with just a touch of colour, try a soft pastel.  Blue works perfectly!

Holiday at Home

Sometimes all it takes is a painting of a fave holiday destination to inspire a whole room makeover.

Pretty in Pink

Love all things pretty and feminine? Start with a dainty plush velvet chair then add some gorgeous shabby chic pieces for a grown-up take on pink theme.

A Space to Think

Planning a quiet space to think requires careful consideration. Avoid distracting colours and patterns and opt for classic neutrals instead.

Cool, Calm & Coastal

Coastal decorating schemes don't have to be nautical. Layering a variety of textures in neutral tones will add interest - and you'll never grow tired of your choices.

In the Navy

This striking combination of warm timber tones, light neutrals and navy blue exudes confidence, elegance and sophistication.

Some Like It Hot

Be not afraid of colour! Inject small bursts of burnt orange into a neutral scheme for a lively result that exudes personality without being overpowering.

Mt Annan Inspo
Inspired by the Mt Annan Botanic Gardens near our Campbelltown store, this muted scheme embraces Australian botanicals.
Sunshine & Sandy Shores

Baby blue, fresh white and classic neutrals top the list for a Hamptons style makeover. Hint: you don't need to live near the beach to embrace it!

Let's Talk Layers

Yes, it really is a thing. Try the latest trend in home decorating (and the ultimate in underfoot comfort) by layering your floor rugs. 

Monochrome Magic

Sophisticated and timeless - and a firm favourite with decorators for decades - a black and white palette lends itself to both traditional and modern looks. 

Shades of Shiraz

Wine not? Shades of shiraz, along with a hint of black, add drama and personality.

Kind of Blue

Blue is always a winner, whether it's in your home or your wardrobe. It's a colour usually associated with feelings of peace and tranquility.

Gold as a Neutral

Add some subtle sparkle to a neutral palette to create an elegant effect.

Home Office Inspo

Teal is the colour of restfulness and mental and spiritual balance. Why not try this sophisticated splash of colour in your work space?

Earthy Tones

Get back to nature with hues of gold, green and ochre paired with warm timber tones.

Impactful Wall Art

Why stop at one?  Experiment with a selection of wall art above a large buffet - but keep it balanced.

Spice it Up

From the spice markets of Marrakech to your living room, these rich, warm accent colours will help to create a cosy and welcoming space. 


3 ways to style a Bristol hall table - 1/3. 


3 ways to style a Bristol hall table - 2/3. 


3 ways to style a Bristol hall table - 3/3.