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Whether you are in a creative rut, find it hard to figure out what goes with what, or just don’t care to think too much about interior design, sometimes you just need some furniture inspiration. That’s when our mood boards for interior design come in!

Mood boards have been used by designers of all stripes for many generations. Essentially, they’re collages of images, ideas, patterns, and so on, which we create to help us (and our clients) understand how things might go together. If you’ve ever spent time trying different outfits in front of the mirror to see what “feels” right for an occasion, you’ve essentially used a mood board to help you make a stylistic decision.

There are many different types of mood boards to help you explore new creative possibilities. Mood boards for interior design can be used to arrange furniture and homewares based on furniture styles, budget, colour palettes, new season styles, textures, and pretty much any other theme you can think of.

The great thing about mood boards is they’re useful for you regardless of what stage of life you find yourself in, whether you’re looking for ideas to furnish your first house or you’re looking for ways to bring new life to an already decorated home. You can save your favourite mood boards for interior design and use them to do more research online, or you can bring them in-store to see whether your ideas really work in the flesh.

The mood boards we’ve created for you here are just a sample of practically infinite decorating possibilities. Whether you’re set on a particular mood or you still find yourself wanting, we encourage you to talk to our friendly staff in your local store to help you nut out your ideas. With a passion for interior design tempered by their grounding in the realities of furnishing and decorating a home, you’ll find no-one better to help you feel inspired to create the perfect home for your family and yourself.


Cool & Crisp

Not sure where to start with a whole room makeover? Think small first. Start with a statement artwork (or two) and let the rest evolve from there.

Boho meets Tropical

Nothing says summer more than natural rattan furniture and lush green foliage.

Sea-ing is Believing

Effortless and calming, Hamptons style interiors favour natural materials in whites, blues and neutrals - perfect for the Australian lifestyle.

Workspace Winners

Bring the serenity of the great outdoors into your home office with muted botanicals, earthy tones and rustic reclaimed timber pieces.

Inspired by Nature

Bring the outdoors in with our gorgeous new collection of nature-inspired homewares.

Rock It With Rattan

Perfect all year round, rattan furniture is cool, comfortable and durable. Pair it with blue and white in a variety of textures for a Hamptons style look.

Soft & Subtle

Whispery soft colours are ideal for creating light-filled spaces. Enjoy liveable living rooms, romantic bedrooms and divine dining rooms with a 'hushed' palette.

Go Bold with Gold

Gold is a timeless neutral that really packs a punch. A smattering of strategically placed gold accessories will add a touch of glamour with very little effort.

Revitalise with Rattan

Transport yourself into the tropics - without leaving your verandah - with light, durable, ultra-chic rattan pieces paired with lush shades of green.

Coastal Chic

This striking combination of white-washed timber, light neutrals and navy blue exudes confidence, elegance and sophistication.

Earthy Appeal

Earthy shades of ochre, sand and rust are perfect for bringing the warmth of the Australian landscape into your home.

Refreshing & Uplifting

One of our favourite colours, aqua is both calming and inspiring. It works perfectly in this reading nook paired with shades of cream and white in a variety of textures.

Easy on the Eye

Bold colours certainly have their place in home decoration, but muted tones like these are timeless and generally more calming. 

White is Always Right

Crisp white rattan, navy and pale timber tones are the perfect decorating choice for our long, hot Australian summers.

A Taste of Terracotta

Just a few touches of rich terracotta is all you need to make your home feel instantly cosy. Balance it with plenty of warm neutrals and timber tones.

Freshen Up

Radiating peace, calm and tranquility, aqua is a go-to colour for almost any home design.  Pair it with neutrals for a fresh, timeless look.

Balance & Harmony

The colour of regeneration, emerald green can instantly energise and refresh a room. Balance this eye-catching colour with plenty of neutrals.

Softly, Softly

If you love to relax at home, you can't beat a palette of soft baby blues, ivory and white to evoke feelings of calm and tranquility.  Keep it light but not too bright.

French Country Charm

French Country style is simultaneously affordable, elegant and comfortable. Don't be afraid to mix and match when recreating this look.

We're In the Navy

This striking combination of warm timber tones, light neutrals and navy blue exudes confidence, elegance and sophistication - perfect for a dining room.

Australian Botanicals

If you love Australian botanicals, start your room makeover with a to-die-for printed fabric and then let the rest evolve from there. 

Tantalise with Teal

A mid-century  modern favourite, teal is guaranteed to bring richness to a room. It pairs well with toffee toned furniture and really pops with gold accents.