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We understand that decorating a home can be tricky. Perhaps you need a fresh start in one of your rooms, or even your entire house. Or, you might just want to be adding a little something to subtly but significantly change the character of your home. Luckily for you, we've categorised our furniture into a few styles to help you get started.

Classic furniture embodies timelessness and simple elegance. Known for its clean, simple lines and hardware, classic timber furniture can be described as halfway between old-fashioned traditional and modern contemporary furniture.

Country style furniture combines natural materials with locale-appropriate colour schemes to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the family home. Though, you've got to give some thought to what exactly you mean by the word "country". Outback Australia is quite different to le Midi, after all!

French country interior design is perfect for indecisive people. If you love the feminine aspects of shabby chic and French provincial interiors, but at the same time find yourself drooling over the raw, rustic, masculine overtones of Industrial style pieces, this style is perfect for you.

French provincial, while technically a sub-category of French country, is an elegant and unique furniture style that favours nature-inspired textiles and a consistent colour scheme: off-whites and creams rather than neutrals, and gold. Lots of it.

Hamptons style is for those of us out there who want to enjoy summer vibes all year round and who don't like our spaces cluttered with too much stuff. It's timelessly chic and saves you money. Win-win!

Industrial style furniture beckons those who crave a masculine, rustic look. It's bound to please hipsters, thrifters, industrialists, and anyone else who's wheelie into dark woods and metals. What's more, it's perfect for families—this furniture looks better with use.

Mid-century modern is an infusion of American functionality with Scandinavian simplicity and natural design, and has been making quite a comeback in since Mad Men. We recommend this style to those minimalists out there who are into organic shapes and timelessly chic, muted colour palettes.

Shabby chic brings out the feminine in all of us. Yes, even the boys. Floral fabrics, prints, and fresh or artificial flowers breathe life into this decorating style, especially with whitewashed furniture pieces made from reclaimed (or carefully distressed) timber.

And now we leave it to you to explore each of these styles. Click on the categories for our favourite products in those collections and for some handy decorating tips suited to each style. And last, but definitely not least, be inspired!

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