1825 interiors specialises in family-friendly furniture made from reclaimed timber which is sourced from all over the world. Our Wood Design collection, however, is unique in that it is custom-made from reclaimed hardwood – mostly seasoned fence palings, but also roof trusses, wall frames and the occasional horse rail. Each piece is carefully hand-crafted in Australia, from Australian hardwood, with a choice of finishes to enhance the natural beauty of the timber and complement your décor. Even the nail holes are still visible. The advantage of this collection is that all of the pieces are made to order so you can size the products to fit your requirements - simply bring in your measurements.

Each piece of furniture is hand-crafted and therefore no two pieces are exactly alike. It is normal to expect some colour variation, differences in the appearance of the grain, as well as the number and size of knots and nail holes.

Please allow up to 12 weeks for your order to arrive.

For more information about our Wood Design collection please refer to our blog.