While designers are stereotypically known for their pretentiously abstract concepts and brightly coloured acetate glasses, in truth, you’ll usually find them obsessing over details. The same goes for interior designers and home decorators.

Our interior designers’ attention to detail is evident right down to our door knobs. Door knobs have a long history in home decoration, from the intricate brass works of art from Central Europe to the crystal knobs of more contemporary times. In all this time, though, the use of the door knob as a means to creatively customise and personalise the home has remained popular.

It is this tradition that we continue today, offering a wide variety of beautiful door knobs to complement many of our ranges. Although they’re called “door” knobs, these knobs by DWBH can be installed on any piece of furniture with knobs, such as display cabinets, desks, buffets, entertainment units, tallboys, dressers, coffee tables, and so on.

Moreover, our door knobs are SUPER easy to install. If you know how to use a screwdriver, you can change your knobs!

And that’s why so many people choose the humble door knob as a quick, easy, and effective detail to add character to their home furnishings. You can shop the best door knobs in Sydney right here online (in your PJs!), or visit your local store to see our range of door knobs in the flesh.